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Project List

Status Additional
Non-exhaustive list of things located (primarily) here
/xecho Render text messages to X with minimal dependencies Active [github]
/kit mimasm and mimasim, Assembler & Interpreter for the minimal machine used in lectures at the KIT Bugfixes only [github]
/js-modules Some JavaScript modules encapsulating often-needed functionality (I dislike most frameworks) Semi-active
/2t3 Web/JSON API multiplayer Implementation of Ultimate TicTacToe Bugfixes only [Live deployment] [github]
otp.c RFC 4226/6238 compatible single-call OTP token generation library, compatible to Google's Two-Factor-Auth Done
/historic Snippets & Programs found on old Backups & Machines, archived mainly for sentimental value (might occasionally contain good stuff) Various
Somewhat incomplete list of projects and their respective locations
MIDIMonster Multi-protocol (MIDI, ArtNet, etc) relay & translation tool Active [git] [github]
cargohold Send and receive files on your own terms Active
cmail Internet mail processing suite with database backend Semi-active [github]
fugit Really lightweight git+ssh access control Done
rplock Simple screen locking tool for ratpoison based desktops Done
websocksy A highly configurable and extensible dynamic bridge from WebSockets to traditional network transports Active
xelflut Multiplayer X11 canvas / visualization tool, based on Pixelflut Done
martrix Customizable ArtNet RGB matrix visualizer Active
XLaser ArtNet driven X11 scanner fixture Active
adhosts Aggregation tool for domain blocklists Done
jamdisk Toolchain for creating custom initial RAM filesystems Active
cswave Convert rows of CSV data to WAVE files Done
UnFit Android App for interfacing with BLE fitness bracelets and synchronising their data points Archived
kbserver Serve configurable strings via TCP, triggered by evdev input (and react to them) Bugfixes only
rtl2dot Generate callgraphs from gcc rtldumps Done
piechart Simple SVG pie chart generator Done
megadmx Experiments with microcontrollers driving/receiving ArtNet and DMX Active
seatping Share your location in lecture halls at the KIT (or on arbitrary images) Done [Live deployment]
timers Configurable unit JS countdowns Done [Live deployment]
taskboard Simple web-based task/todo-list management, loosely inspired by Kanban Done
traccoon Multithreaded BitTorrent tracker with SQLite backend Bugfixes only
The SYSTEM Lightweight centralised authentication panel and protocol Semi-active [Live deployment]
ipmagnet Check which IP adresses your BitTorrent client hands out to Trackers Done [Live deployment]
signet Simplified GPG key signing Semi-active
wahlenraten Share and compare guesses on election/vote outcomes Active
gbcd-client Garfield Barcode-Reader daemon shell client Done
garfield-pos Standalone interactive interface for a Garfield(-like) snack-sales database backend using POS Hardware Bugfixes & minor features only
akadns Simple DNSmasq dynamic host name API/Frontend thingy Done
pt1230 P-Touch 1230PC label printer protocol implementation and minimal interface Active
kismetcli Simple extendable Kismet client Semi-done
HowTo Crypto (Rather lengthy) Introduction to cryptography using GPG aimed at beginners (German) Done [github]
Some other things I worked on or contributed to
ledger-reports Tools and scripts for generating graphs and reports from ledger accounting files, powered by GnuPlot and piechart Mostly done
network-gamepads Stream input device events to another computer (for example for remote single-screen multiplayer) Done
rpcd Provides an HTTP API for the ratpoison window manager, including process control for approved commands Done
matrix-tools Simple file-based matrix manipulation toolchain Done
garfield-shell Tools for interfacing and extending Garfield, the Point of Sales System of the Student Body "FSMI" at the KIT On hold/partly superseded
tracker-panel Basic web panel for traccoon, designed for content distribution at small-ish gatherings Semi-active
pizza-planer Collaborative pizza order planning panel Semi-active
xwait Small utility to block until a new X Window is created Done
garfield Added inventory functionality to Garfield, the Point of Sales/Financial management tool at the FSMI Done
Hacking Louie Extending and upgrading a childrens game to be much more challenging (and fun) Mostly done Article TBD
libgit2-backends Wrote a PostgreSQL backend for libgit2 Done [libgit2 homepage]
libsigrokdecode Wrote a DMX512 protocol decoder for the sigrok project Done [sigrok homepage]

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