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Non-exhaustive list of things located here:

/akadns - Simple DNSmasq dynamic host name API/Frontend thingy
/traccoon - Multithreaded BitTorrent tracker with SQLite backend [svn]
/2t3 - Web/JSON API multiplayer Implementation of Ultimate TicTacToe [demo]
/kbserver - Serve configurable strings via TCP, triggered by evdev input [git]
/xecho - Render text messages to X with minimal dependencies [git]
/shell - Some useful shell scripts for automating minor tasks
/js-modules - Some JavaScript modules encapsulating often-needed functionality (I dislike most frameworks)
/kit - mimasm and mimasim, Assembler & Interpreter for the minimal machine used in lectures at the KIT
otp.c - RFC 4226/6238 compatible single-call OTP token generation library, compatible to Google's Two-Factor-Auth
/historic - Snippets & Programs found on old Backups & Machines, archived mainly for sentimental value (might occasionally contain good stuff)

Incomplete list of projects hosted externally:

seatping - Share your location in lecture halls at the KIT (or on arbitrary images) [live]
timers - Configurable unit JS countdowns [Live deployment]
The SYSTEM - Lightweight centralised authentication panel and protocol [Live deployment]
ipmagnet - Check which IP adresses your BitTorrent client hands out to Trackers [Live deployment]
signet - Simplified GPG key signing
gbcd-client - Garfield Barcode-Reader daemon shell client
garfield-pos - Standalone interactive interface for a Garfield(-like) database backend using POS Hardware
pt1230 - P-Touch 1230PC label printer protocol implementation and minimal interface
HowTo Crypto - (Rather lengthy) Introduction to cryptography using GPG aimed at beginners (German) [github]

Some other things I worked on or contributed to:

matrix-tools - Simple file-based matrix manipulation toolchain
garfield-shell - Tools for interfacing and extending Garfield, the Point of Sales System of the Student Body "FSMI" at the KIT
tracker-panel - Basic web panel for traccoon, designed for content distribution at small-ish gatherings
xwait - Block until a new X Window is created

And, since it's fashionable to have that these days...

My GitHub Account

Boring stuff about me:

Geek Code v1.0.1: GCS/MU d-(--) p c++++ l++ e+ m++ s/- n- h* f++ !g t r y++
Mail: cb cbcdn com [GPG]
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Software - The universal operating system - An operating system aiming for binary compatability with Windows - The Tiny C Compiler project [git] - The ratpoison window manager - FASM, the flat assembler - The SQLite project - A free and open source web browser, written in C

Programming & Technical Literature - Beej's Guide to Network Programming (You should buy the book!)

People & Organizations - A channel on the freenode IRC network where I can sometimes be found - Personal page / blog of vehk, a coworker and friend

General Reading - The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, a brilliant short story

Misc - [E-Mail] Very Short Reply Expected - Free & functional DNS service (they've got more great stuff)

Please consider donating to... - The Electronic Frontier Foundation - OpenWhisperSystems, the coordinators of TextSecure and RedPhone [Donation Info] - Notepad++, a free powerful text editor for Windows - The Internet Archive, the project to build an Internet library